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Tarvanis - Eindringlinge

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Required gameversionAddOn needed
Map size448
RaceDark tribe
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Destroy the fortress of Flavius Protervus!

When, after years of conflict, we grew tired of constant fighting, we retreated to an uninhabited island far away, hoping to live there undisturbed.
But after a few moons, a Roman expeditionary force landed on our island, led by a young tribune named Flavius Protervus. As a sign of our goodwill, we offered the newcomers to settle this land as friends.
But our delegation was sent away, for there was nothing to negotiate. This island was claimed for the Roman Republic and we were free to surrender it to the Roman people without a fight. Otherwise, they would be forced to remove us as a potential threat to this new colony by means of military force. In the meantime, Flavius has had a fortress built.
We have already fled conflict once. Not again! We will put an end to these invaders!


A modified BuildingInfo.xml is required.
Those who do not play Settlers United can download the appropriate file here:
Place this file in the "GameData" subfolder in your Settlers IV installation directory. If this folder does not yet exist, simply create it yourself.

You can recruit units and build mushroom farms by placing buildings on dark land.
Woodcutter, Sawmill -> 1 or 5 gardeners, 15 mana each
Stonecutter, Forester -> 1 or 5 shamans, 20 mana each
Small residence -> mushroom farm for varying costs
Coal mine, Gold mine, Iron smelter -> 1, 5 or 10 dark warriors, 15 mana each
Iron mine, Sulphur mine, Gold smelter -> 1, 5 or 10 acid throwers, 15 mana each

The construction of mushroom farms is restricted in order to avoid the worst errors.
A certain distance from the temple and other farms must be maintained. As a rule of thumb, you should place them a few points outside the dummy AI's border stones.
No units should be too close to the site.
There must be space for a tower of the dummy AI on the right above the farm.
The construction costs increase with each farm placed. These costs are reset every few minutes.


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