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The general of the cross,
in the hand of his right,
a cup of true slime,
his foe's desperate fight -
has ended, this time.
Now gazing to the west.

Where the town is destroyed,
an army was smashed,
the one who fought back,
has now lost his track.

"Get back on your feet", the general calls,
"for the glory is yours, if it's me who falls."


I intended to design this map such that it is a tough challenge, even for the best of the best. I.e. loosing is normal, winning is special. Some notes:

Category: This map is of the class "Knobel", which means puzzling over things. So it's NOT straight forward. Some rather particular, creative ideas are very useful, and at least for the starting one or two hours, it is important to have a plan which is highly time efficient. However, the more the game progresses, the more it gains the characteristic of classical settling.
Lua-Script: This map posseses a long Lua-Script, causing unusual behavior. I will maybe upload a commatary one day (title "Lua-Script erklärt", explaining everything about this script. For those, who find the map too intransparent.
FE: Unfortunately, our most (un)favorite friend, fatal error, occured rather often while I tested this map. Please remember to make regularly different save points!
winning conditions: The talk about "serious damage to the green starting settlement" has purposefully not been specified further. However, anything green built after minute 0 is not part of the "starting-settlement". Proceed as you like. The third condition is satisfied, if you meet one of the two, i.e.: build the castle, and you don't need to defeat the DT.

I underline it: this map wants to be a tough challenge, even to the best of the best. No reason for frustration, as losing is normal while winning is remarkeble.
I will soon upload a second map, being easy and simple. As balance, for players, who are tired of challenging stuff.
I wish a lot of fun, luck and success to those who dare to challenge the general of the cross and his darks



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