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Catans Siedler

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CategorySpezial (MP)
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Map size1024
RaceFree choice
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Catanís Settlers

This map isnít meant to be played with bots. The map can be played with a maximum of four players. Both two vs. two and free for all is possible.

Sick of multiplayer maps with unfair starting conditions? Then this map might be what youíre looking for! For this map, it was the highest priority to give the same chances to everybody. This includes the absence of possible (dis)advantages from the position because of the fixed positions of building entrances etc. Every starting position and the connections to the other players are as equal as I could make it without a copy function in the editor.

You donít choose a position, you will get a random one. I donít use the normal random function, because that one always gives the same result in each game.
The seed which is used to generate a random starting position is changed once an hour. So if you start a game today, the chances are low that you will get the same positions in a game you start tomorrow. Using an hour instead of a second results of the fact that computers donít generate the same number using the system time function at the same time. There seems to be an offset in a range of seconds to a few minutes between different computers. If two computers have a different seed when starting the game, you will instantly get a desync. Choosing an hour in the seed generation means that the chance that this happens should be rather low. If you get two desyncs in a row when starting two games with a five minutes break in between, then you might want to look into the script and find the instructions how to display the seed and what to do if they differ too much. If anything is unclear, feel free to contact me.



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