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A squeezed war for everything

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This map contains everything in the smallest size. It may seem funny, but yes, everything is stacked tightly!

Settings and about the position:
Fog of war is recommended and set the difficulty level as you like. The rest of the recommended settings are in the screenshots.

P1: This is the best position to take off, but it has little raw materials and an impending danger from the north. You can claim the entire map.

P2: You are at the top of the mountain, but the enemy is on all sides and if you expand northward fast enough you will conquer the island and the west of the river.

P3: You and your people have chosen barren and tight areas, but for you, it's everyday life, you will manage to conquer all two riverbanks and island.

P4: You've chosen a very tight lava zone, and you can have many problems, but you can win.

P5: You have settled in the wrong place and have no chance of expansion, you are preparing a defence. But if you are the fastest-expanding player, you will win!

P6: If you quickly conquer the south and build ships, you may have a chance to claim the entire map.



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