English News 13-01-2011
Are there still users of the english-version?

Just a little question to our english version users - are u still active?
Because we dont release that much news in english, i want to know if someone still has english website language on - so we can post more news though they are just translated. Please leave a comment.



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13-01-2011 21:05

I am new english user but I have many ideas for new maps so I will be there.

14-01-2011 02:31

Auusieman here. Been playing 3 for many years. Very frustrating that most of the dialect and advise is in another language but so bit it

14-01-2011 15:12

Yes I'm an english version user so I would appreciate it if you could, once in a while, post some news in english...and some games in english too!!!
Thanks for asking!!!

15-01-2011 20:13

Yeah I'm english user but I'm from Poland

16-01-2011 14:11

english here thanks

18-01-2011 09:09

I still use the site in English on a regular basis. Please can we have news in english )

19-01-2011 13:46

English user here really appreciate your efforts to support English users

20-01-2011 11:45

English versions of anything and everything very much appreciated.

Thank you

23-01-2011 15:59

Still here, regular user of HoK maps that I use with the aid of a translater

24-01-2011 08:16

Yes, I'm on my second copy of the game S4. I had to order a new copy from England. Also have S3 and S6. So please keep the English version. danke

27-01-2011 10:34

I am also English user,I am from Turkey.but I dont know how to use addon,how to find it?I play release maps,I want to play map which addon needed.What will I do??

30-01-2011 14:39

Yes, please, keep the english version!
We appreciate your maintenance of the site: It's always up and running and up to date and i love the layout.
Thanks a lot!

01-02-2011 17:32

I use the English version as well. Did you know that in your website Banner on the English site that Settlers 4 has been spelled SETLLERS 4?

Perhaps the little English Settlers were not taught to spell or maybe a spell was cast?

03-02-2011 15:21

I am from Denmark. Im not so fluent in deutch, so I prefer english.

05-02-2011 15:09

Both German and English is OK for me (I am Dutch), with a preference for English, as my understanding of English is better.

08-02-2011 19:43

It was worth learning German in order to play Siedler III. I appreciate the English news and especially the website, which I just recently discovered. I think English will help bring more international players into the online Settlers world. These maps are great!

09-02-2011 15:06

a lot of great maps here, so i will stay here...

but some german maps i can't finish cause i can't read the message in the map.

great maps great site here!

26-02-2011 09:16

English please, although I understand German it's hard to wright in this language.


27-02-2011 16:01

I still log on hoping that there would be some English maps, or someone might convert the German maps to English for us.

15-03-2011 20:34

Hello there, I have only just found this website and I am very happy to have found it.

I am also English, and want to say a very big HELLO to all the Settlers fans out there.

Please keep translating


28-04-2011 18:15

I still come here to check for new English maps. I hope people continue to make them!
I will upload the ones I have made, too.

29-04-2011 02:54

Yes indeed. Your maps are excellent and I have enjoyed them for years.
Also introduced my son in-law to settlers and the maps.

Thank you for making them..


02-05-2011 22:09

Still playing settlers IV and I appreciate English but can manage if it isn't feasible. I started with Serf City in 1993 so 18 years of Settler fun.

27-05-2011 04:24

I speak french... so english is better than German for me.
I play Settlers 6 from the begginning and I like it. I tried version 7 but it's really to dull. Long life to Settlers 6! And thanks for all these maps

22-06-2011 22:32

Been a user for years!
I love the game. Every month or so I look for new maps. Thankyou!!!!

08-07-2011 19:09

I am from denmark and for I am very thankfull for english version.

26-07-2011 10:13

Please provide us with english news and maps!


06-08-2011 21:54

Yes I play Settlers HoK and RoaE often and love seeing new english maps available. I will play german maps but like others here I can't finish most because I do not understand the quest...Keep up the great work and hopefully us english speaking settlers will have more maps

15-08-2011 18:44

I'm building HOK now for quit some years, in English as you see...
I'm expecting to shift to RoaE shortly

25-08-2011 21:03

english definitely required for me!

Danke schon

26-09-2011 17:28

Bellybutton doc,
Yes I use the site for new maps English would be helpful as some of the maps are seriously difficult enough without the tips.
Thank you

10-11-2011 04:50

I am from South Africa. I played Settlers IV for a long time now. (the English version)
I am very grateful that there is a English version of this web site too. It makes reading the web site easier. And some map developers do indeed have a English description of their maps. Thanks for that.For the other German descriptions, I use Google translate. Although it is a crude translation, I make out some sense of it.
Thanks for this website.
P.S. I was very worried when I could not access this website yesterday and the day before that. I am very glad it is up and running again.

27-11-2011 21:28

When I moved I found my old Settlers IV discs and decided to get back into it after several decades. I live in the US and just joined this site.

14-12-2011 19:16

Yes, More English please!

18-12-2011 20:09

Yes. Besides online backgammon, S4 is the only game I play. I have been playing for many years. For the last several years, I have been replaying the old maps from the game CD and those I downloaded from this site years ago. I try to win with a zero soldiers, priests, or specialists killed. It is more challenging, and I'm quite successfully. It just takes longer.

23-12-2011 13:55

I'm Swedish and uses the English (S4) version. I'm not very fluent in German, but with Google Translate I can get most of it as long as the German text is not slang.

24-12-2011 22:57

an australian player here ...been playing settlers 4 since its inception .....keep it going

03-01-2012 11:04

I am also english speaking, from Netherlands, thanks for asking

09-01-2012 15:58

sou do Brazil o inglês é mais fácil pra traduzir

28-01-2012 23:14

I am from England and often visit this site.
Mainly to look for new ROaE maps. I struggle with the ones in German though and generally cant finish them.
I wish I could translate them!

07-02-2012 16:58

I still use the site in English on a regular basis. Excellent site

23-02-2012 15:15

Yes I'm English. A lot of great maps on here. Could do with a help section. For some tips and tricks . I'm Playin S3 maps

12-04-2012 02:10

Yes, English and active, still play S3 and S4 offline; just finished the S4 Dark Tribe campaign again.

18-05-2012 17:33

Still here, regular user of HoK and Settlers VI Rise of an Empire The Eastern Realm maps that I use with the aid of a translater

20-05-2012 21:44


22-05-2012 20:00

I have been playing settlers since Settlers II 1995?
I still prefer the Settlers III with all add on's. Even over all the later version of SETTLERS which I also have purchased.

I would like to see more Story lines and hints etc in English if possible. A few or your good map makers do write English game play notices.

As below, thank you for asking, long may you keep going!!

10-06-2012 17:06

Same as Aussieman, frustrated to hell with all the maps being in German, especially the puzzles, but what can we do.

19-06-2012 23:15

English speaking Dutchman!

04-09-2012 16:48

my first post 2007 anno...lang hungary
settlers lang hunglis and gogldajcs
love siedler maps.de .. danke maps kart

settlers 4 fan


15-11-2012 13:30

Please can we have news in english! Thank you.

05-12-2012 15:39

yes! i'm english user!

14-01-2013 01:27

Hi all, I'm sure many of us 'Brits' would like to see more cards in German AND English (many of you clever germans seem to speak English too

For the Brits, The only way I've found to read the clues from with-in the game is a bit tedious....
1/ when the clue-text is displayed, do a screen capture (press 'Print screen')
2/ open 'paintshop' and paste it into the page (control V)
3/ now open 'notepad' (in front of paintshop screen)and copy/type the text in....nearly there!
4/ copy and paste the text into google translate....done, but sometimes translation is poor and special german chrs may have to be entered using the virtual keyboard of google-translate to get a better translation.

Of course, simply entering the web address of these siedler-maps pages will translate the page and allow us to read the comments there....which are often helpfull.

Good Luck!

15-01-2013 09:28

Hi mozoo

Or another option would be to have more English speaking mappers
Unfortunate for quantity I have a preferance for large maps, so it takes somewhat more time to complete.
I'm working on my second map now, it will be published both in English and German.

I create my maps in English, have them tested, and then there are some multilinguals
who are very happy to translate the map into German.

Actually I think that would also be the best option here...
So hopefully there will be some German/English speakers willing to translate some maps?

12-02-2013 15:45

Yes,english here too

26-08-2013 11:46


10-09-2013 19:11

I need english maps and site as well.
Otherwise there have been difficulties during gameplay. I posted here on it: http://www.siedler-maps.de/for...ttlers-HoK/Need-help-17222.htm

31-03-2014 00:32

yes I am using it

29-08-2014 08:28

Iam a new english user,i enjoy settlers but i can not understand german. But i think Jurgen 284 maps are wonderful as i dont need to work out the password bit as some other maps have.(iam 76 years old)

18-02-2015 03:18

Im an english user and current member

02-06-2015 21:59

several years on and English still here. Special game and this site is a joy

20-08-2015 20:12

I'm English as well. My problem is that searching for single player maps is difficult these days. (August 20th 2015) If someone can direct me to English maps I'd be thankful.

11-09-2015 01:13

I still enjoy Settlers 2 but I am unable to work out how I can install the downloaded maps, can anyone help?

12-01-2016 22:53

hi there yes I'm an English user

12-03-2016 05:00

I am an English user. Many thanks for your great site.

30-04-2016 13:27

I`m still using it in 2016!

20-06-2016 18:36

I am an English user. Many thanks Dimitris 20/6/2016

11-07-2016 19:45

I have played Settlers 4 for many years,now I have bought a new computer and installed Settlers 4 into it,however,I can't play
any of the custom maps that I download as I get all the original
maps which I played years ago.Is there anyway to by pass these maps.
Thank you

30-11-2016 05:13

I am also and old and still active user of the English version.
But I can, very slowly, manage to read German
Writing in German is very very rusty and time consuming for me

28-01-2017 13:23

We have been playing settlers 4 for a very long time,however,now after downloading maps from the settlers4 web site we find we cannot play them .awahen we download them we place them in a user folder but nothing seems to work is there anyone who can help.

14-02-2017 02:56

I only use this site in english, plz keep it up

01-03-2017 16:34

still going strong - not a game to touch it. EDZ

01-04-2017 18:37

Good to find this site, still play from time time, last weeks settlers 7, i fixed mu settler 4 to play on win 10. I hope to play with someone for fun.

22-05-2017 09:51

Just found my way here, would love to see the English side continue on.

28-07-2017 22:06

Hi, Noggin here.
I used to be addicted to The Settlers 4 back in the day of the Bluebyte server. Oh those laggy, always crashing games are a fond memory!!
At the risk of divorce I have just installed the game back on my Windows 10 laptop and have started to download all the old favorite multiplayer maps along with some wonderful new ones.
Great site here and hope to hear from some old friends / foes shortly?
An English version would be cool.

01-03-2018 14:26

yes Im English would love more translated games for legends

19-07-2018 21:19

hello from greece. my name is john. i've just registerd but i'm playing the settlers 4 from 2001 and from time to time i'm downloading maps from this map base. of course i use the english language.

29-07-2018 16:30

Yes please

25-09-2018 01:10

Still playing Settlers III Most evenings. Started way back at the start of this wonderful game. About 17 yeras ago on Windows 3
My german is basic school boy so Find it difficult to play many maps as there is little or no translation in recent years. Many are just so difficult without any translation. Translation Aps are of little value unless you can show me a good German /English to use please.

01-10-2018 06:40

Settlers player uses site often for gaming. Have to translate most of it. English helps. Thank you for the map zips and maps.

12-10-2018 15:25

More than 7 years have passed since this post and English users are still there!

11-11-2018 06:02

I'm english user , Just plus 1 person

16-03-2019 22:23

From norway here, and yeah 2019 is still being active

16-03-2019 22:31

I wish there was a more detailed filtering systems for maps related to Settlers 6 (RoaE and Eastern Realm) that allows you to filter maps based on their language (Those marked German and English). Would make it easier for us non-germans to browse through the pages of maps.

31-07-2019 12:06

I still use the site in English on a regular basis. Please can we have news in english

05-05-2020 12:26

I am additionally an English user, I am from Turkey. however, I do not be aware of how to use the addon, how to locate it? I play launch maps, I favor to play a map which addon needed. cooking madness

23-11-2020 12:33

English user here

17-11-2021 16:54

From South Africa new to the site a couple of weeks now but done a lot of map translation with google and then play had lots of fun. Thanks to all the map makers.

20-02-2024 05:41

Alltho I do speak a bit of German, I'd defently prefer english Yhanks for the consideration

18-03-2024 06:25

Absolutely! trying to figure out how to download some new maps

12-04-2024 17:43

Still here.
I just wish I knew how to translate some of the excellent looking German maps to English.
Still replaying old maps.

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