English News 12-02-2009
Dear English Website visitors - we are back

After a few days offline, we are back again.
Thanks for waiting, but during a normal service downtime, we figured out there is an error in the system. It took some days to find out, what it is.
Finally yesterday, we got it - one of the RAID 1 array hard drives got down.
Which the exactly error in our back the provider changed the hard drive very quickly so we are happy to be back online.

Just as a notive - we gonna stay online for a long long time, we got a more than a year server contract, we got lots of people looking for the website in different positions. We always wonna serve the community as good as we can - always.

So far - sorry about my english :)




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18-02-2009 15:35

Thanks heaps, guys for all your hard work, for carefully maintaining this site and for your commitment!
Your english looks excellent to me!


04-03-2009 15:45

Hello all you guy's,

I'm thinking like Alisah, your english is okay and understandable.

Thanks for your efforts running this brilliant webside.



08-01-2017 14:44

Have played settlers4 for a long time and completed all the maps,however,how does one play the downloaded maps from the settlers4 web site as I have downloaded a few but don't appear anywhere except my in my downloads.

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