English News 15-07-2007
New Poll

Hey jo guys, we made a new english poll because of Map of the Month. Are you interested in such a competition? Vote now!!

Is somebody interested in doing english news of settlers on settlers-maps.com? Mail us maps at siedler-maps dot de

Thank you!




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15-07-2007 15:54

Is that a plan to have a separate mapbase for English speaking mappers?

Siedler Map Source Admin (Web)
16-07-2007 13:46

www.settlers-maps.com is just an alternative address to http://www.sieder-maps.de. I think Lukas is just looking for someone who wants to write news about the things going on in the settlers world or translate our German news into English.

Siedler Map Source Admin (CM)
21-07-2007 12:06

yeah thats the thing, we want to push the english version of our website a bit! Hope there are enough non germans for it!

22-07-2007 00:50

Is the number of votes an indication of how much interest there would be from the English speaking mappers?

Siedler Map Source Admin (CM)
23-07-2007 17:46

hm... good question maybe even english speaking people uses german version of the website because of no "real" content in english ones?
Ill check this.. give me a few hours.

27-09-2007 20:38

It would be interesting to find out .... If that is remotely possible... how many "English" people are using the site.
For example: You hear little or nothing from me ever.... but I am an avid player of S3 and I download every map.
it's OK to have the site in German 'cos we can manage.

30-11-2007 18:13

no no separáte englis forum ... full settlers-siedlers

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