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(4)Der gestohlene Schatz

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Eduard the Ambitious accuses you of stealing his valuable collection of ornate weapons and wants to take them back by force. However, everyone knows that Sven Schlitzohr is the culprit - take the artwork from Sven to appease Eduard!

This map can be played in German or English!
The language is automatically set per player at the beginning.

Play with up to 4 players. You have to expect attacks early on. There are enough raw resources, but they are scattered and partly away from your settlements. A good coordination among each other is definitely helpful.

There are 4 options that can be set at the beginning of the game:
- Difficulty moderate/normal/difficult
- Worker needs on/off
- Captain limit on/off
- Better focus for enemy troops on/off
(explanation in comment)
If you just want to get started quickly with the default settings, you can enable "Fast game" in the lobby and start playing right away.

Have fun!
Thanks to all test players and helpers, especially Bebraham, Welle1001, fritz_98, Deloron and CrunchyAlex!


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