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Monavia (Freispielkarte)

Map dates
Required gameversionLegends
Map size608
77jumpingjack77: Habe die Karte (alters bedingt
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In the vastness of the northern sea, you have landed on an island that only the oldest of your nautical charts know about.

This map is a free play map/endless game. This means that you are only not allowed to lose your castle - the entire map can be freely explored and built on without much story. It is comparable to free-play maps from the main game, such as "Icy Fjord" or "Rumbach Valley".

The map introduces some quality of life improvements to the interface. For example, you can use certain key combinations to select multiple buildings simultaneously and recruit troops from several barracks at the same time. All these new features are described with small text overlays that are displayed by clicking on the red question mark next to the minimap.

With F9 you can open a window that offers additional options. These options often relate to extensions to the user interfaces, for which there are separate info texts. Some options allow you to set a numerical value. This numerical value is increased by default. It can be reduced by holding down the Shift key.

There are three different difficulty levels, one of which can be selected in the new F9 menu at any time. This means you can try your hand at opponents of varying difficulty without having to restart the map.

There are also a few little things that are not explicitly explained in the game:
- Treasure chests can be opened with any unit
- Briefings no longer jump automatically, but must be confirmed with Esc
- Demolishing buildings and dismissing units can be ordered quickly with the backspace key
- If you have not installed the game in German, English texts will be displayed automatically

Not all new features are useful for every playstyle. Please feel free to write me feedback on the functions that you found useful and perhaps also those that you still miss.

Once again, many thanks to the testers (in alphabetical order) a8w_h4t, Bernnard Eisbär, Deloron, Hunter, mkf, Nebelsoldat, Novator, Phoenix und Sith-Lord, who thankfully repeatedly point out to me all the things that can be overlooked when mapping.

Hoch im Norden
weht ein rauer Wind.

Have fun!


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