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Dispute of the tribes

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Dispute of the tribes

For a long time, the barbarian tribes living on the north are quarreled. Varg wants to gain a domination in this land so he decides to beat other tribes or make an alliance with them to become the leader of all barbarians.

Informations about game:
In barracks you can buy elite barbarians and bandit bowmen in archery instead of normal soldiers;
You can find them on the top of the screen like normmal soldiers;
Technologies in blacksmith and sawmill also increases the damage and armour of your elite barbarians and bandit bowmen;
You can upgrade your headquarters if you resolve conflicts with the right number of tribes;

The main quest is to make an alliance with other tribes or beat their headquarters. There are also some hidden quests, maybe you find them. The map have some different options and every one of them was tested, but if you notice any problems, write a comment.

Have fun!


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