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(3) Battle of three Kingdoms

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Battle of three Kingdoms

In this beautiful land, three players fight with each other for honor and glory. To win, they have to first destroy opponent towers. It's not a easy thing. Towers are in difficult places to conquer: on swamps, in mountains and in thick forests. Kingdom, which will destroy all three enemy towers, will be able to do the final blow, destroy opponet castle.

Info about map

Castles are undestroyable at the begining. To make it destroyable, you have to destroy 3 towers. Game tells you when your/enemy tower has been destroyed. You can always check it in trade options.

There is a lot of raw materials in the middle of the map but you will have some problems with iron at the begining because there is only one mine per player.

Towers upgrades, 3 and 4 level cannons and heavy cavalry upgrade is blocked. No camping and rushing. Only clever strategy

I hope you will enjoy this map. Please comment if you like it.

Have Fun!



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