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(2) Mejai Revenge

Map dates
CategorySingleplayer (Kampf)
Required gameversionExpansion Pack 1
Map size512
Difficultyvery difficult
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Link to part 1: https://www.siedler-maps.de/maps/(2)_Mejai_Highlands-1742.htm
This is part 2 to Mejai Highlands(lorewise, doesn't really affect gameplay) You can play this one singleplayer or with a friend, however, if you play singleplayer, your ally won't support you!

This is my second map. It has been slightly improved than my previous map (more detailed scripting, AI working together).. Should be harder than Mejai Highlands, because of more possibilities for the opponents to attack you both! Both of you(or only you, if you play by yourself) won't have it easy.

I'm posting this twice (cooperation and singleplayer) so people can possibly see it in both cathegories.

Any feedback is welcome! I haven't tested the map yet too much, but everything should be working perfectly.
If it doesn't work perfectly, let me know, so I can reupload the map and fix it.

Also, I'm sorry for not posting any screenshots, but I have had some problems with it recently. Might post them later.



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