English News 29-09-2011
S4 Eco-Puzzle Championship

To all Settlers!
S4 Eco-Puzzle Championship
From 28th of Oct. to 4th of Nov. 2011 five maps from
Heidi, Hubsing, Holzbude, Nicole, and Okapi are waiting for their quick fix.
All participants must login on tournament page http://www.siedler-turnier.de
(if not already done) and then register for S4 Eco-Puzzle Championship.
Click in the page header to "SP-Tournaments", then choose S4 Eco-Puzzle Championship
on the rigth, and click on "Registration". Please look carefully of the tournament rules before start.

Show us what you're made of!

We are look forward to each participant.
Your tournament team



English News 13-01-2011
Are there still users of the english-version?

Just a little question to our english version users - are u still active?
Because we dont release that much news in english, i want to know if someone still has english website language on - so we can post more news though they are just translated. Please leave a comment.



English News 12-02-2009
Dear English Website visitors - we are back

After a few days offline, we are back again.
Thanks for waiting, but during a normal service downtime, we figured out there is an error in the system. It took some days to find out, what it is.
Finally yesterday, we got it - one of the RAID 1 array hard drives got down.
Which the exactly error in our back the provider changed the hard drive very quickly so we are happy to be back online.

Just as a notive - we gonna stay online for a long long time, we got a more than a year server contract, we got lots of people looking for the website in different positions. We always wonna serve the community as good as we can - always.

So far - sorry about my english :)




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