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07-05-2017 20:06
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downloadable one player maps


I'm searching for maps I can play as a single player (just me), no opponent. I've tried searching this site, but all the maps are for 2 or more players.

I have played all the maps available in the game and want a new challenge

18-05-2017 17:36
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First: Which settler Version?
Second: Most maps in S4/S3 are singleplayer. The number of players refers to the number of parties in the map and all but your own party are controlled by the computer. Thus you play against numerous parties of the computer.

29-05-2017 18:34
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It's settlers 4.

In some of the maps there is an option for 'Free Settle Mode'. I'd like to be able to do that with more of the maps.

I'd also like to know if there's any maps on here i can download that I can play in free settle mode

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