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26-02-2020 16:21


I know it s been a while from uploading this files here so i am asking for help since things (patches etc.) may have changed a litle it. I am doing step by step eveything u wrote in ur guide bbut it s not working. When i copy paste the maps and launch the game the maps just simplly do not start. When i click on em whichever taht is game just blink bblack screen and shutting down. Would e nice if someone could help me. Peace.

08-03-2020 11:03

Solution via patch

Hi Mua,

I could helped myself by downloading the patch (Die Siedler II - Die nächste Generation,Patch 11757) on this website:

This is for the german version. For english you could try to google the patch. It works for us on Win10 machine.

Best regards and have fun

31-08-2020 21:24

Thanks Sarah,

that worked well!

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