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21-06-2020 12:06
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Good Map

Hey SH,
thats again a nice Map from you.
I really like it, with the Choice to fight against all or make an alliance.
Also its interesting how you used the Dragon and other.
But i need to look in the Script to understand how i can form an alliance with Kerberos, because i searched (after the Hermits tip) all Houses and so on with Varg but found nothing.

The Map is very long and i need over 3 hours to finish it.
It would be nice, when you the next time by such a big Map with long paths, give the Player a Speedbutton so they dont need so long.
And im wondered why there arent Treasures around the Map.

After all it was a nice Map but without an Alliance it could be very hard with so few Ressourcen.

I hope there coming a second Part with all Tribe leaders.
Well done.

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21-06-2020 14:20
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Hi RitterLeo!
Thank you again for playing an commenting my maps
Making an alliance with Kerberos is hidden. When you destroy the building with the object, everything in it will be destroyed so the object will be lost. You must find another way to get it.
If you want to looak at the script, you must use bbaTool.

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21-06-2020 22:59
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Harsh but Satisfying, future hopes?

Dear SH,

My first Impression is very positiv, i liked to play as Varg and the concept of slaying all enemies or make them your allies or play a mix of both choices. I played now both consequent choices, the way of getting all other leaders in your alliance is much easier and give me 3 hours enjoyable play time, because i was blind how to make Kerberos my last member for the alliance, but i was happy to find the solution in the end. Moreover the other way to defeat all Parties took me as "average player" more than 4 1/2 hours of playing with some headaches but great relief to finally did it.

And like Ritterleo already said, a speed button would be a blessing for the beginning and for the long runs with Varg
That on the map there no treasures with ressources didnt bother me as much. Also i have to admit that the dragon was a very cool extra, where do you get him?
Maybe, only a idea that came into my mind, you could use for normal cavalry instead single "elite" barbarian warriors or hordes of wolves XD

I look forward to see the next big adventures, sneeze "the Saga of the Great Varg"
Maybe an origin story how Varg become the leader of his tribe before his brothers, or his quest for saving the barbarian princess, moreover how he saved many lives by the retreat into the mountains...

It´s a shame that i cant create, program maps wich tell the good story of Varg, but i would love too see in future more maps from you with littlepuzzels or creative ideas like a paper chase

(I hope, i could increase your imagination for new maps with Varg)
So all in all thank you for your work and effort you set in this map.

The joy is always on my site
and with high regards


PS. sorry for my bad grammar

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22-06-2020 14:24
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Hello, Ghost

I'm glad yo enjoyed this map
Fine that you find the solution how to make an alliance with Kerberos, it's not obvious.
I found a dragon model in the game files (probably the game creators didn't use it in game) and place it in the game.
I don't know if I will be make new maps with Varg, I'm working on another map. Maybe in the future
As you and RitterLeo said, I will add a speed button to the game.


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22-06-2020 14:51
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Okay, the speed button is added

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30-11-2020 20:36

How i start the map

Hey the map looked good, but how i start. Im in my starting area and the way out is blocked by fallen trees. pls help

04-12-2020 22:08
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Just use serfs to remove the trees.

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