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22.01.2020 16:16
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Nice one!

Hey SH

I am glad you finally released another map and I must say I really enjoyed playing it.

I don't think there is much to say about it, beautyful landscape, a lot of peace time...everything a settlers player can wish for.
I liked the fact that it isn't possible for the player to build turrets, but upgrade those he has already got. I also enjoyed the features with the thief and the wolves-attack, although I wasn't quite prepared for it.

Just a little comment on the side: In the map description it says, that the map lasts longer than an hour...that doesn't really fit with the expierience I made with my first attempt. Although I didn't manage to catch the thief and the attacking army was quite large, I finished the map in 58 minutes without even tryharding too much.

Next time I would enjoy the fights to last a little bit longer (although I appreciate the fact that you didn't use infinite spawns).

Thanks a lot for this map, it was fun to play. Keep the good work up!


24.01.2020 17:47
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Hi, Hunter!

Thank you for your comment! It's nice to hear that you enjoyed playing it.

Sorry for my German

27.01.2020 19:10
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where are towers ???
No towers. Alas.

Be lazy = be happy

02.02.2020 19:59
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There are only two towers in your town because with more towers and possibility to build them, you could defend your HQ much easier and the game wouldn't have sense.

Sorry for my German

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