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21-10-2019 17:25

Good job

Good job Evander!

22-10-2019 03:30
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Thank you so much, I really appreciate it!

23-10-2019 01:08
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Thank you for this map, I really enjoyed playing it!

The landscape was quite nice with the deep fjords and the tasks were feasible, but still not easy because of the countdown and the attacks on the allied villages.

However, I didn't manage to defend the mountain village in the north, but I was still able to continue playing, is that how you intended it?

And in the end, when I attacked the city, the enemy neither recruited troops nor built catapults on the walls. That could have been far more difficult for my taste

23-10-2019 03:13
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Thank you Kantelo! I'm glad you enjoyed the map!

Yes, you should be able to play even if the northern cloister is destroyed; I should probably add some messages to make it clear that the mission will continue, otherwise it looks like something's gone wrong. Sorry you weren't able to save them from their unjust demise! But rest assured Acadia shall be avenged.

Thanks for your critique of the enemy city! I agree that it didn't put up much of a fight, so I'll see if I can remedy this in a later version.

Thanks again!

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