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31-07-2019 10:33



after 30hours of play

you get a f......; drop out alias aussteigering oder wass

what a waste of time to play this map !!!

!!! Beware !!!

01-08-2019 04:20
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It's a "VERY DIFFICULT" map so it is a challenge. It is possible to win, if you start attacking from the right opponent.

Just read these comments, they succeeded:
- https://www.siedler-maps.de/forum/a/a-23635.htm
- https://www.siedler-maps.de/forum/a/a-23667.htm

The key to victory is to stick to some rules:

1. Compact building:
- https://i.imgur.com/UTroitK.jpg
- https://i.imgur.com/UycbsQW.jpg
- https://i.imgur.com/Fx9XMWc.jpg
- https://i.imgur.com/rYpHWv1.jpg

2. Saving Coins on training generals:
- https://imgur.com/gallery/HghdSiL

3. Twice as many farms as buildings that need grain, a farm should have place for 3-4 grain fields:
- https://imgur.com/a/dLLcX9K

Welcome to the world of pros
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01-08-2019 06:30

drop out

Dear Konrad,

its NOT about the lievel of difficulty
im talking about Bro ...

but the flash out after 30 hours of game building,
to get to a point in the map ...

and then the game/map drops on me,
flash out - saved map.modus dint help either -

cant restart anymore !!!

(to bad just got interesting)

19-08-2019 03:05
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Use Windows-Mode

I know how you feel. But the card itself is not the problem. It is okay. I have two hints for you, may be they help solving your problem:

I often play with a mate. The game ends immediately by crash from time to time. With the windows--mode (not fullscreen) the game works more stable. May be the game will start then.

An other method that works sometimes is to change some settings in the graphic cade 3d modes. Change some settings at random. And in some cases it works.

Good luck

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