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After almost 5 years I finally completed my first map!

Took almost 2 years for my second map (and an additional year to get it translated)
Please find some previews of the map here:

Working on my third map now, this one will be quite something different.
No quest map, a lot of changes in GUI (thanks to bobby's tools) and a completely revised game play.
Bottomline the objective is to make a more realistic game play.
Please find some previews of this map here:;postid=118592#posting118592


02-08-2014 12:14

Hi AdeBont,

thanks for your constructive posts and ratings to many many maps and screenshots! Unfortunately I don't have enought time to play all the maps of this website, so i didn't play one of your map, yet.

I hope i will get some time to play your maps, but i can't promise.

I wish you furthermore much success and fun when mapping and scripting.

Many greetings from Germany,

03-01-2014 10:19

Hi AdeBont

I find your Map's great. I hope you will create even more Map's.

Best regards


30-03-2013 10:38

I hope you will create much more maps! I think the Fort - map was a really good idea. Keep it up!

11-02-2013 18:31

Many Greetings


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