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Welcome in my public user profile

>> Some information about me <<

My name is Jakub. I'm from Poland. I live in Cracow. I like playing Settlers 5, FIFA, WoT. My favorite sport is football. Thanks to you for much help and info about scripting and making maps. I've got some plans and ideas for new stories. I hope you will enjoy it.

>> Here you can find informations about my maps <<

Ready to download:
> Singleplayer <

Droga do Chwaly - cz. 1
Droga do Chwaly - cz. 2

> Multiplayer <
(3) Battle of three Kingdoms
(4) Pojedynek najlepszych

In progres:
> Singleplayer <

Droga do Chwaly - cz. 3
Paths of life

> Multiplayer <



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