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Hi all!

The Porky P. Pigg Computer Simulations Company (PPPCSC), a fledgling company that has not so much as its own website yet, has started a little venture into building The Settlers 6 maps. I have a huge number of maps all at various stages: some I have no intention of taking any further, some I have shelved while I work on others, some are going well but need a lot of time; my first little map Wet Sheep has now been uploaded.

* * * * *
All my maps are for standard release TS6:RoaE (DS6:AeK).

Wet Sheep
Small ME region map.

This tight little map has a lot of secrets hidden in its fine landscape. The valley is flooding, and the same weather that has been holding back the Empire's troops from this area has allowed the bandit tribes to the south to prepare for a winter ambush across a distant lake. The village is undefended and disappearing fast below the floodwater. Can the sheep and the villagers be saved?


XXXXX - name to be revealed at a later date!!!
XL cold region map.

The Empire finally returns after conquering the Red Prince, to settle the remainder of the islands of the world. In the cold reaches of Narlind, a new outpost has just been established.
But as soon as the brave knight arrives to look after the fledgling settlement, news quickly arrives that this region is not so unexplored after all. An enemy city lies just across the valley, but we cannot afford a frontal assault on their impregnable gates.
So to quell the mountain stronghold, the High Priestess of the mountain cloister has a rather different idea of how to reach the city, but the road will be dangerous indeed

Terrain almost completed. Quests about two-thirds scripted.

Medium ME region map.

In this compact map, set somewhere in the remotest reaches of Westerlin, a dark, swampy region that has as yet not been fully explored has emerged as a fine spot for a new settlement.
Resources are plentiful, and the village here is exceptionally friendly. However, there are others who settled here long ago, and they believe it is they that rightfully should rule these gorges and meadows. But the siege does not go exactly as planned, for either side.

Terrain completed. Quests not yet started; map currently on hold.

Large NE region map.

The Empire's fleet lands on the other side of the rough northern seas to establish a trading port against the odds on this windswept coast. Storms will surely ravage the harbour and wild beasts reign supreme on the hills. What lies beyond the barren moorland above the cliffs is a mystery, until the sinister truth of this region reveals itself.

PM me if interested in taking over this project. There is very little terrain finished and no quests started, but the idea is there to be developed.

* * * * *

I also have a lot of fairly developed ideas for maps for RoaE, which I haven't time to take further. I plan to upload some sketches to the mapping forum this year with some explanations of these ideas, which you can take over. PM if interested in advance.


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I hope you will have lots of success.
Keep up doing good maps


27.09.2013 19:23


reading your introduction it seems to be a heavy workload you are up to.
Mentioning the german translation you should ask for help in the forum. Here on the mapbase are several players which would be delighted to give you a hand by translating the story of your maps, for sure.
Good luck and
an italian


wishes the

Traumtaenzer (dreamdancer)


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