28.02.2014 22:37
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Stone Quarrying

This is the brilliant sequence when the geologist uses explosives to re-stock the stone pile in the quarry, in Sokrates' map [b]Der Geysire[/b], which had probably the best scenery in any of his maps.

He certainly used this effect a lot, where the geologist would light a spark, which would move toward the rock face, and BOOM! the stone pile would be re-filled in an explosion with a lot of smoke. Spectacular every time!

The memory of Sokrates will certainly continue to live on in these amazing maps, which are still amongst the very best on the Map Source.

Auf das Bild klicken, um es in Originalgröße zu sehen (1,18 MB)


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07.03.2014 23:30

Hi all, again,


New update today on my increasingly complicated problem See the 6th post.

I just have to have this effect in my map... However, trying to think of ways of moving invisible entities with sparks attached to them... it's a bit beyond me...

02.03.2014 11:55

This is really a great scene and even topped by the explosion.
10 Points !

28.02.2014 22:51

Hi everyone,

apologies about the somewhat faulty use of bold text

Perhaps seeing this screenshot, someone might have some idea how Sokrates managed to do this effect... I have a thread on the forum:


Please do message me or post if you think you know how I can re-create this amazing effect in my own map.


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