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Muehsam ernaehrt sich das Eichhorn

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That went completely wrong. Ship destroyed, far abroad. We wanted to do some fishing, bring home lots of fish. But instead, we came into that horrible storm.

The good side is that we were stranded on this beautiful island, and that we have some - if only few - tools with us, which will now prove very helpful.

However, this island is already inhabited. Apart from strange Japanese that are busy with "kantaku chi", plump folk live here, belonging to a foreign people. Most of them are ruled by a guy called Arnulf. They can produce coal themselves, and do so because they did not find any, and were not very friendly once we approached their houses.

Arnulf's brother, Beenulf (what a strange name!) founded (because due to their hereditary law, Arnulf alone inherited his father's crown and throne) a new little kingdom of his own and plans to put an end to the lack of coal by sending some foresters back to the carboniferous period in order to plant giant Lycopodia and such stuff in this part of the world, so that they can be turned, or better, will have been able to be turned into coal over the millions of years.

He told us that he already worked out a wonder his priests can work to accomplish the back movement in time, but he doubts that the plants will grow well ... will have grown well ... have been going to grow well ... whatever.

We, on the other hand, should build up a new settlement. After that, we should thank our gods and spirits by gathering four stacks of gold bars in the middle of our village and offer up some firewater. After that, we should send some priests to accompany Beenulf's foresters and help them by working "Gorgeous Growth".


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