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A Good Neighbor English v3

Map dates
CategorySingleplayer (Quest)
Required gameversionLegends
Map size768
Difficultyvery difficult
SH: Super!
File size2,07 MB

Last update: 30-10-2014
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Again a quite lengthy map, hope you'll enjoy it!
It takes me about three hours just to play it through,
and I know how to go through the map the quickest

The story
The city Pillmore is being assaulted by Dovbar.
A messenger arives at the court of king Dario
with a request for help.
Time is running out for Pillmore,
but the royal army is abroad.
Therefore Dario decides to do what he can
with only a handfull of troops...

There are quite some new developed functions in the game, I've tried to have it tested as good as possible,
but some bugs may have persisted
Hopefully not too many and not too obstructive.

Constructive feedback is most welcome!

Update 1: Version 2 uploaded.
The sulpher mine (in the North) had the wrong player_id. This will not be a showstopper, you will have to destroy the mine later in the game anyway.

Update 2: Version 3 uploaded.
Resolved an issue with the sapper
when robbers were recuited
before the stone mine was cleared.


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