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21-01-2016 20:03
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soldier-calculations / it need not much, to be good / very exciting

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until now only in english

This articel deals with the exact offensive and defesive stats of every type of unit in Settlers 3 with different amounts of combat power.

These are the base stats at 100% combat power: (The table does not cover the armor of spears. I explain this after the table)

The current health of any type of unit can only be a natural number.

At first Settlers 3 determines the damage depending on your combat power. If the attacked unit is a spearman, the damage gets halved and rounded down. For example: If a spearman is attacked by 9 damage, he receives only 4 instead of 4.5 damage. At last miracles from priests will be taken into account and rounded down again.

Amazons have the same stats, except the soldiers miss 20 health points on all levels. (lv.1: 81/lv.2: 101/lv.3: 131).

The following table shows the amount of combat power you need to get a certain amount of damage. (For Example: A lv. 1 Sword with 35% combat power has 4 damage.)

Since the health and damage values are pretty low and rounded in this game, there are some really unanticipated results. Here are some examples:

A lv.1 spear with 12% combat power has the same damage against other spears as a lv. 1
spear with up to 87,4%. Past 85,5% the lv.1 Spear has double damage.

If you excel 70% your lv. 2 spears are as strong as enemy lv. 2 spears in his own land.

If you excel 92,9%, your lv.3 spear and bows are as strong as the enemy bows and spears in theire land.

If you excel 108,3%, you get a decent attack advantage with lv. 3 bows and spears.

On a 1 vs 1 map with 50% combat power, your lv. 2 spears are a lot stronger than swords.

Lv. 2 bows have the same amount of damage as lv. 3 bows against spears in your land.

Soldier stats and miracles:

Damage changes by miracles are calculated after the combat power and armor is calculated. Non natural number are rounded down again. (For example: You have a lv. 1 swordfighter with 65% combat power and debuffed by festering fear. He now deals 1 damage to spears, because he has 7 damage which will be reduced to 3 because of the armor and than halfed and rounded down to 1 because of festering fear.

Festering Fear: Halfes the damage of enemy soldiers attacking from allied territory.

Strengthen Soldiers: Doubles the damage of allied units in neutral or enemy territory.

Samurai Sword: Doubles the attack speed of allied swordfighters and increase the damage by 33%.

Ch'ih-Yu's Shield: This miracle is not only useless but also decrease the attack damage of allied units by 33%.


Cursed Arrows: Has no effect at all.

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21-01-2016 23:28
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mavmav, good to recall this tables before they get lost.
But be aware they are not correct.
I didn`t check all of them, but for example bowmen/women from L1 increase 50% than 33% in damage from L1 to L3.
Nevertheless tendency is ok and awareness of this even more important than pure numbers.

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