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30.12.2010 15:43
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super geile map

finally, a new big map.Very very fine ! Enough resources, enough time to build and then the big war.
Thank you. We need more of them !

05.01.2011 17:53
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Thanks for the perfectly crafted map.

03.02.2011 01:07
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I know this map is created for single player, but i like to play Settlers with a fried. It`s hard to find maps for two player versus four computer enemies :S
Thats the reason why did we play your map in a LAN game. I talked to my fried about your map and we were troubled about the same things: We dont like the monotonusly mountains and all that blocked ways by stones and trees. I think a blocked way is a nessesary tool to help the computer enemy sometimes!

I am thankful for this map and the hours we played it, but i have to say: one time is enough.

I am sorry for my bad english I tryed to telling my fellings while i played this map.

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Frei laufende Soldaten und Handwerker? Pff...schonmal was von den guten alten Wegen der Siedler gehört?

12.03.2012 18:49
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Thx for this map.
Was a lot of fun to play.
I forgot to ally the computer-enemys. So it was a bit too easy.

I cant see the thing of SuMiXaN with too many blocked ways.
Ok there were ways blocked by trees or stones, but it was always done with building one or two harvester within a few minutes.

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