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03.08.2017 22:12
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AI doesn't build mines - reason?

Hi all!

For some reason sometimes AI doesn't build mines at all.
It has resources (wood) and food but just ignores gold, iron and coal.
I checked it with cheatcodes ("ShowMeTheWorld" and "TooFast"

The problem is it happens only sometimes: I restarted the same map several times and it doesn't build it in about half of them, in another half it works just fine.

Any help would be appreciated - this AI misbehaviour just ruins whole map idea...

05.08.2017 10:42
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what code do you use to force building of mines. AI configuration?
Please post the code.

Place the mines you need and delete it after starting the map. If you configure the AI rebuild, they should build the mines new.


Man muss nicht alles wissen, man muss nur wissen wo es steht!

05.08.2017 11:46
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It's Settlers II.

05.08.2017 15:08
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Oh, sorry!

Man muss nicht alles wissen, man muss nur wissen wo es steht!

05.08.2017 16:41
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Yes, it's Settler 2 10th anniversary (+ vikings addon).

So I found out this AI has a lot of bugs = )
It looks like there are two main reasons for that:
1) It somehow related to quarries: when it has a lot of quarries it doesn't build mines.
And sometimes it doesn't destroy quarries which out of resources - it's the bug.
So it happens probably due to pickaxes shortage - but AI still has free miners - so looks like it's also a bug.
2) The second reason it sometimes build two much roads on top of rocks, and after that, there is no space for mines... And of course, it's not so smart to destroy those roads.

I am currently trying to work around those bugs in my map.

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