The ring goes south

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14.04.2012 19:36
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The ring goes south

Completed the Map but the code fails to load the next map.

14.04.2012 19:57
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Moin stephenh

Read the last please.

Win Condition: Defeat the Balrog, the Orcs, Uruk-hai and Boromir.

Description: Frodo and Sam and his followers have made ​​their way to bring the ring to Mordor to destroy him there. But on the way there, they must pass through the Dwarven city of Khazad-dum. When they reached the city, they found only the remains of the dead Sklette and then dwarves. The group discovers that it the way the city can not take without getting into a fight with the Orcs and the Balrog eingenistete there. To make matters worse, the companion of Boromir of the power and greed for the ring so affected that he now tries to steal the ring Frodo .....

(English description inside)


The code word can be found by an honest victory at the dark temple.


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