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25.10.2010 11:40
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Nette problemlose Karte mit braven Gegnern und viel Laufarbeit.

11.11.2010 14:05
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Hi General,

tried your Asian map last evening. Nice landscape and river-surroundings, ideal for Asian, and clever constructed enemies made it very interesting to play that map. It really looks like the delta of the river Mekong in Vietnam.

Still I have to start again, because i wasn't quick enough to occupy the necessary mountain with the metal and coal ressources. Therefore I'm looking forward to give it another try this night.

Best regards from


12.11.2010 15:17
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Hi General Galba,

after about two hours then ran my sector halfway around and I started with cleaning up the opponent.

Unfortunately, appeared suddenly landscape elements and sculptures that looked like icicles on the left side, causing an error when viewing.

Have continued to play without first viewing the strange phenomena, but after a good 3 hours playing time it was overwhelming and the error prevented the completion of the map.

Too bad, but still an exciting thing so far to fight, especially in the beginning you have to fight for every piece of land to obtain a share of the mountains.

Since it only worked with towers, it was a single store, sending a few soldiers up and down again, store again, another try and so on. Because always in the east or south or west the opponents knocked on the doors of my towers and only disappeared when my new soldiers were moving.

Would have loved to finish the map, but unfortunately: Error!

Best regards

13.11.2010 17:01
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Today I gave it another go and this time is finished successfully without error, starting with a save from around one and a half hour. Altogether I think I needed 3 up to 4 hours.

When you've settled successfully in your area and have produced enough gold, it's only a question of time. I suggest first to conquer the blue Asian in middle southwards....yellow is quite strong also grey.

Nice Map.


General Galba
18.11.2010 22:35
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Hello Jojo,

Thank you for your comprehensive comments. I hope that the error which happened to you was incidental. I've played that map several times in multiplayer mode and the problem described by you has never appeared.

As the map 'Nad Mekongiem' (and 'Britannia' too) is designed especially for multiplayer mode, I recommend to play it with other human players to make the game even more exciting However, I'm glad that you enjoyed my maps

You also described a problem with annoying and endless opponents' attacks on your towers during the first phase of game. Usually, I manage to stop them by setting single soldiers near some of boundary towers. Maybe that tip will be helpful?

General Galba

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